“What I love about Jimmy is that he lives by his wits —- his mind is so quick and facile that he gets the audience laughing, but they’re listening as well. By the time I get to the crowd, Jimmy has already brought them up to speed on the rhythm and sensibility of what we’re about. I have worked with a lot of the same people for a long time, and when we met Jimmy we liked him immediately. He can be brutally honest and he’s not afraid to make fun of me. For that, I both love and despise him.”

– Conan O’Brien

“[T]he funniest host in podcasting.”

– Entertainment Weekly

“Jimmy Pardo is a mile-a-minute, oft-sidetracked, admonishment-prone master of crowd work…[I]t’s clear Pardo’s one small step ahead of the audience, one giant leap beyond the comedy industry as a whole.”

– LA Weekly

“[Jimmy] may be the funniest man averse to jokes. He doesn’t write them; he rarely tells them. And that translates as hilarious to audiences. Call him the crowd whisperer.”

– LA Times

“If there’s a specific comedy-based podcast you especially enjoy…you might want to thank Jimmy Pardo. He’s the one who got the ball rolling.”

– Paste Magazine

“With his broadcaster’s voice, Pardo is a natural for the [podcasting] format, and his quick, self-effacing wit – punctuated with funny, mock-blowhard outbursts – keeps the episodes lively…Never Not Funny was one of the first, and it remains one of the best.”

– The AV Club

“He’s quick, irascible, present and disarmingly self aware. He’s hip and antihipster in the same breath. He’s a comic’s comic and an everyman. He’s exactly what I want to see when I go to see comedy. He is God Damn Showbusiness!

– Greg Behrendt

“One of the first (and still one of the best) shows on the podcast landscape is Jimmy Pardo’s Never Not Funny.”

– Penthouse

“Watching Jimmy Pardo work his podcast is like watching one of the old-time favorites run his radio show. He’s cool, funny and just waiting for everyone to gather round and hear him spill.”

– Hustler

“The undisputed king of onstage riffing and crowd work.”

– Nerdist News

“Pardo’s charming mix of Woody Allen’s self-deprecation and Don Rickles’ blustery, impatient bravado, as well as his ability to turn out a sharp one-liner without interrupting a delicate rapport with an audience, makes him an engaging entertainer.”

– The Huffington Post

Never Not Funny is the weekly podcast of national treasure Jimmy Pardo. It is a thing of beauty.”


“The perfect amalgam of old-school joke slinging, story telling and crowd work, Jimmy Pardo is a fucking delight onstage.”

– Laughspin

“He can best be described as a Chihuahua/pit bull mix. The five-foot-four American went on the attack with the best of them, picking on the audience without ever crossing the boundaries of good taste.”


“One stage, [Pardo] is as free-form and stream-of consciousness as Ross Noble, as biting as Greg Proops, and as formal as Johnny Carson. Perhaps the best comparison, if one can really be made, is with Groucho Marx, Pardo encapsulating all of the manic energy, with just a touch of the irreverence that made Groucho a legend.”

– OTWO Magazine (Ireland)

“Jimmy’s raucous-but-smart weekly podcast Never Not Funny has revolutionized the way comedians use the Internet to connect with their audiences.”

– Salt Lake City Weekly

“Pardo has the ability to do crowd work like no other comedian today that I’m aware of – a quality that echoes and even rivals that of Don Rickles.”


“With his mix of high energy sarcasm, fast paced improvisation, and a dash of self-deprecation, Jimmy Pardo never holds back.”

– Desert News

“Attention must be paid to Jimmy Pardo.”

– Daily Southtown

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